The indexing services have always helped the researchers in not just finding the relevant literature but also in quickly browsing it. With the technological revolution in the world, while on the one hand the pace of the creation of new knowledge has increased, on the other hand, with the digital indexing and search tools, locating relevant work has also become possible. However, this requires a lot of effort on the part of the editors of any indexing service. I congratulate Dr. Abdullah Jan Abid on establishing the indexing agency for research journalsin Pakistani languages. The Index of Research in Pakistani Languages and Literature (IRPLL), as a joint venture of the AIOU and the HEC was crucial because research in out local languages is still in its embryonic phase and to keep it systematic, the IRPLL will play its significant role.

Professor Dr. ZiaUl-Qayyaum
Vice Chancellor, AIOU

We are grateful to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for funding this important project of establishing an indexing agency at the Department of Pakistani Languages in the Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. We are also grateful to the AIOU administration, Particularly the Vice Chancellor and the ORIC, for their constant support throughout the process. The Index of Research in Pakistani Languages and Literature (IRPLL) has been formally launched and will be constantly updated. We request the editors of the academic journals in Pakistani languages to continue sharing soft and hard copies of their issues in order to effectively disseminate the research published by them. I hope the IRPLL will be a useful source for the researchers within the country and beyond.

Prof.Dr. Abdullah Jan Abid
Chief Investigator
Chairman, Department of Pakistani Languages,