The Critical Analysis of Human Behavior in the Poetry of Ikramullah Gran Abstract Human behavior is the reaction of the society. Every man is directly or indirectly affects the behavior of others. We live in a social circle and there is a co relation between human of one society. TheContinue Reading

Anticolonial Discourse in the works of Ghani Khan Abstract A passionate devotee of freedom and liberty, Abdul Ghani Khan, remained a victim of colonialism and internal colonialism during his life time. Therefore, a sizable section of his works (prose and poetry) reflects anti-colonialism, a protest or struggle against the colonialContinue Reading

The Imagination of Human Freedom in the Poetry of Miraz Khan Ansari Abstract Human liberty is an area of interest for a number of philosophical and religious aspects and thoroughly elaborated and expounded in throughout the history of mankind, yet in the present era Pukhtoon nation in the region isContinue Reading

Different Forms of Modernism Abstract Modernism is not just a literary terminology but it is a viable scientific and social movement. This movement has several aspects in terms of philosophical discussion concerning to enlightenment, humanism, rationalism and spatio-temporal on the one hand but on the other hand it emerges inContinue Reading

Doing Pukhto: Pukhtunwali as an Ideal Code of Life among Daudzai Pukhtuns of Peshawar, Pakistan Abstract Pukhtuns are living under an unwritten code, pukhtunwali, ‘The way of the pathans’ and their code of honor, which regulates their lives. Male autonomy, self-expression and aggression are some of the value orientation ofContinue Reading

The Imagination of Beauty of Great Hamza Baba Abstract Beauty plays a vital role in poetry of any language of the world. Most of the poets address a numbers of aspects of beauty in their poetry i. e Subjective, Objective, Unity of beauty, Sublimity, reality of beauty. In Pashto poetryContinue Reading

Strengthening the nexus between Quality of Education and Total Factor Productivity in Pakistan under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): With a Focus on Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Abstract This paper is an attempt to find out the nexus between the quality of education and total factor productivity (TFP) in Pakistan with aContinue Reading

Variety in the content of Pashto Short story Abstract Pashto short story is a modern literary prose genre, the first Pashto short story Shledali Panna (Tears shoe) is published in 1913 which has written by Said Rahat Zakhili, since the beginning of short story we reveal that there are someContinue Reading

Life and Circumstances of Bayaz Muhammad Bayaz sahib is a great poet of Pashto yet, there is less critical analysis regarding his life, work, period and class. This article aims at provision of sufficient proofs and evidences of his life, work, period, as well as a streamlined analysis of hisContinue Reading

An analysis of Anwar and Mangal’s elegy Abstract Sikandar khan khattak has treated the numerous subjects in various poetic genera , different persons and personalities are there in his elegies that depicts about their charismatic uniqueness. Some of these elegies regarding the death of Anwar and Mangal needs analysis. ThisContinue Reading

The technical and Conceptual Study of the Novel “Banzay” Abstract “Banzay” is the masterpiece of Ghazi Syal. Apart from this novel, he has also got two other novels published i-e KASHMALA and MANGARAI. Although folklore is the real field of Ghazi Syal where his favourite genre is “SANDARA”. Being anContinue Reading

An Analytical Study of Social and Psychological Problems in the Context of Female Non-Fiction Prose Abstract Women have made great contribution to Pashto folk literature. Most of this literature is composed by the women that reflect the psychological, social and moral problems that have been symbolically discussed particularly in Tappas.Continue Reading

Romantic Stories Telecasted form Peshawar Television Centre, Peshawar (1975 – 1980) Abstract Drama is a particular aspect of literature has a very wide field in this sense. Pashto literature reflects the same .Drama is one of the prominent & eminent part of Pashto literature. No doubt most of the PashtunsContinue Reading

The Satire and Humour in the Poetry of Ghani Khan Abstract Ghani Khan Possess a unique place at the row of poets since long and in present day’s literature and poetry his name is still alive even in the modern age. His poetic style and subject he chose modern formContinue Reading

Modern Pashto Poem in Bannu Abstract Like the other parts of Pakhtunkhwa, Bannu has also great contributions regarding the modern poetry after the classical poetry in Pashto literature in the mid-20th century. As Tahir Kulachwi, a great poet of Bannu laid the foundation of Pashto Literary Society in 1956, soContinue Reading

The Life and Literary Services of Prof. Dr. Salma Shaheen Abstract Prof. Dr. Salma Shaheen is a prominent Pashto intellectual, writer and poet. She has tremendous contributions in the field of Pashto Language and Literature. As Director Pashto Academy, her Administrative qualities cannot be ignored. Dr. Salma Sheen has authoredContinue Reading

Pantheism and Romanticism in Pashto Poetry Abstract “Pantheism” is a doctrine that equates God with the force and laws of the universe and “Romanticism” is the term used for the acceptance of, or to believe in metaphysical things and occurring(s). In this research article, an attempt has been made toContinue Reading

Importance of Love Poetry among Arabs and Pashtoon Poets Abstract Pashtoon and arabs are very loving .thy both consider love is an important and necessary elements for life .they think that life is nothing and incomplete without love. That is the reason that the idioms ,proverb and stories about loveContinue Reading

Language, Dialect, and Accent This paper titled “Language, dialect, and Accent” throws light on some of the basic terms of linguistics as is evident from its name. In modern linguistics and especially in Pashto linguistics, their definitions and parameters have been a subject of debate as apart from linguistic factors,Continue Reading

Forensic Linguistics Abstract The scientific study of language linguistics overturned the traditional ways of investigations led to forensic linguistics in various fields. It brought out changes in every field of life on new parameters. Forensic linguistics enabled the individuals and institutes to scientifically move through a case study under investigations.Continue Reading