Comparative Analysis of Some Important Translations of Saif-Ul-Malock by Mian Muhammad Baksh


“Saif ul Mulook” is a book of extraordinary merit in Punjabi sufic poetry written by a sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (1830-1907A.D). Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (R.A) was born at “Chak Thaakra” near Jehlum. He wrote many books but his most popular book is “Saif ul Mulook”. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh(R.A) wrote this book in age of thirty three years. Many translators translated this book in poetry and prose in various languages of the world. In Urdu Zamir Jafri, Shafi Aqeel, Zafar Maqbool and Anwar Masood translated it. This article is a comparative study of these Urdu translations. A reflection of popular verses of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (R.A) with translations is also given in this article which shows step by step progress in process of Urdu translation of “Saif ul Mulook”.

Muhammad Naveed Azhar

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