Importance of “Gatt” in Oriental Meter


Gatt (†  )is a term of music in fact, although it has an important place in poetry rhythm. Poetry was being passed on in metrical and rhythmic form before the discovery of khalil bin Ahmad. But the poets had achieved remuneration from the rhythmic aspects of music particularly. These rules were also applicable in Punjabi (Hindi) cadence. Metrical verses were under the influence of Matras. Rhythm was on handed according to the counting of Matras. Numbers of Matras were not exact in rhythm so Chaal or Gatt required a prudent concern to balance the accuracy of poetic rhythm. Diverse experts tried to explain the Gatt Matrical form with the help of examples in which general reader faced the difficulty. So the writer tried to explain and elaborate the Gatt with the help of songs under reference article.

Dr. Saadat Ali Saqib

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