Tradition of Draftsmanship in Punjabi


This article revolves around the tradition of Sketch writing. This tradition dates back to the immemorial time.
Plato and his disciples are impotent in this regard. Renewed English Poet choucer is considered to the pioneer of this tradition in English literature. Sketch writing in not a new phenomenon as far as Punjabi literature is concerned. The first Punjabi poet Baba Farid’s, verse bears the very prints of Sketch writing. He has presented glimpses of Sketch writing beautifully. Traces of Sketch writing can easily be pointed out in other classical poets like Shah Hussain, Sultan Baho, Waris Shah, Khawaja Farid, Molvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri and Mian Muhammad Bukhsh. However in Punjabi prose this tradition started in 6th decades of 20th century. Keywords: Sketch writing, Punjabi Literature, Shah Hussain, Sultan Baho, Sufi Poets, Tradition

Dr. Zaheer Ahmed Shafique, MUhammad Qasim Mateen

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