Comparative Study of Urdu Translations of Jupp Ji


Though the land of Punjab has been facing foreign onslaught for centuries, it has also produced some great spiritual personalities who have not only impacted every school of thought in the Sub-continental but also changed their views and thoughts. The founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak Dev is one of such personalities. He has not only preached monotheism but also taught to love mankind. One has to study his work in order to understand his worldview. His work especially Jap Ji Sahib has been translated in different major languages of the world. This article is an analytical study of Urdu translations of Jap Ji Sahib and tries to explore the extent of its successful rendition into Urdu.
Keywords: Land of Punjab, Onslaught for Centuries,
Spiritual personalities, Sub-continental, Guru Nanak Dev,
Monotheism, Love Mankind, Jap Ji Sahib, Urdu

Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Shafique

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