Urdu in Punjab New Sketch of Old Ideas


In his 14points on the vernacular language, the author establishes his thesis that the language in currency (=lingua franka) in the IndoDPak region is actually Punjabi since the region is historically known by this name, and its’ written
form is known as Hindi in India and Urdu in Pakistan. He builds his point of view on the threshold of regional survey while defining the Punjab territory and on the quantum of scripts’ commonalty and language typology (SVO), and agrees that the Hindi has its specific script viz Devanagari, Urdu has Indo DPersoDArabic (to which he names as HindFarBi), and the Punjabi has Gurmukhi& Shahmukhi. He argues that the conventional script of Urdu is rapidly
decaying but there’s no such danger to the scripts specific to
Keywords: Punjab, Punjabi, Language, Doaba, Likhati
Roop (Written Form), Likhawat (Writing System),
Indo-Perso-Arabic Script (HindFarBi), Font.

Hafiz Sofan Muhamamd Chohan

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