Origin of Triolet (Drewala)


Triolet is a French poetic form introduced in the thirteenth century in France. In English this form has been written since the nineteenth century. The Triolet: (Fr. LittleThree)isafixedverseform,Frenchinoriginwitheightlines,oftenoftetrameter, in rahymed abaaabab: The first, fourth and seventh lines are identical (or similar) as are the second and last. A short form used chiefly in the last nineteenth century. In French poetry it is a well known from, although it has been abandoned in English. In Urdu the researcher found only one example and in Pashto it is an absolutely new form. The researcher has introduced this new form to Pashto poetry with the hope that it will make Pashto poetry more innovative and modern.

Naqeeb Ahmed Jan