Qambar Al iKhan Orakzai : An Elegyand Ghazal Poet of the Southern Districts


It is sad to say that the southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have largely been ignored by our Pashto critics and historians. Doubtlessly, these districts are also well known for their renowned and reputed poets, writers and scholars as the other districts of our Province. These writers have contributed a lot to Pashto literature in various genres in the classical as well as in the modern. Qambar Ali Khan Orakzai is a prominent versifier of the southern districts belonging to the twelfth century Hijra. BeingaclassicalpoetheisimpressedbyRehmanBaba’smysticismandAbdulHameed Mom and, the hairsplitter(mooshgaf). Verily,QambarAliKhanhasthreecollectionof verses to his credit consisting of elegy and lyric, inherited from his predecessors. This article highlights the above two genres of Qambar Ali Khan’s poetry to a great extent along with his specific ideological perceptions.

Dawar Khan Dawood, Salma Shaheen