Deictoids /rā-/, /dər-/ or /dar-/, and /wər-/ or /war-/ of some Karlanri Varieties


Deictoids, called with various names by different authors and grammarians, is a kind of Pronouns that have the ability to combine chiefly with Verbs and Postpositions. Here, in this paper, their morphological status has been shown when they join with Postpositions in some Karlanri Varieties i.e. Baniswola (Ba.), Wazirwola (Wa.), Khattakwola (Kh.) of districts Bannu, Karak and FR Bannu. Moreover, a non-Karlanri Variety, Marwatwala (Ma.), has been kept under consideration for the purpose of comparison. It is important that morphological units of Deictoids, here with special reference to Adpositional Particles, are not identical to General Pashto as this research work reveals.

Yousaf Khan Jazab, Lutz Rzehak