Development of Pashto Poetry in Swat Before 1915


Swat has its own literary, cultural, historical and geographical significance and importance. That is why it has remained a centre of attraction for every one in every period. A regular and organised Government was established in Swat in 1915. Therefore we see difference in the literature created after 1915 and that of before 1915. Before 1915, we see in Swat, great literary figures and their works as Hafiz-e-Alpurai, Akhund Miandad, Mian Karimdad Shaheed, Abdul Haleem, Mustafa Muhammad, Akhun Qasim Papin Khel, Muhammad Akbar, Khairullah Khan and Qazi Abdul Jalil etc. Here in this paper introduction of these writers and their works have been given. Besides their ages/periods have been searched and given. Major themes and subjects of their poetry have also been described.

Muhammad Ali Dinakhel