Orientalists are those western scholars who have take as their domain the study of oriental (Eastern) languages or other fields of knowledge pertaining to the East.The orientalists might have their ulterior motives behind their interest in the East, but there is no denying the fact that they rendered great services to Pashto language and culture. Theirs contributions are not limited to any one genre. They edited and published masterpieces of prose and verse, preserved manuscripts, translated many works into and from Pashto, opened new vistas for the study of Pashto language and literature. Their contributions in the field of lexicography are also remarkable. Also, since they faced difficulties in learning the language itself, their first major contribution was writing books on Pashto grammar. This thesis surveys, in chronological order, the various contributions and researches the orientalists have made in the field of Pashto grammar.

Wazir Shahdan