Pashtun, Romanticism and Tappa


Pashto Tappa has remained a preservative for the Pukhtoon life since ages.Tappa has covered almost every aspect of the Pashtoon culture and history. It is said that mere by collecting and studying Pashto Tappa the history of Pashtoons can be written. It is also called the mother of Pashto Folk Poetry .The relation between Pashto Tappa and Pashtun society has been traced back centuries ago. In this paper romantic aspect of Pashtun in the light of Tappa has been discussed. Most part of this very culture is consisted of, romanticism in Pashtun Society before writing culture took place. From this research work the readers and scholars of Pashto folk lore and literature will be benefited directly and will prove a guide line and a source of reference for the researchers in future.

Dr Noor Mohammad Danish Bettani