Qualities of literary critics


Literary critics keeps it own particular characteristics, in the light of these characteristics such questions are answered. Which exceptional qualities are possessed by a literary work? Is the subject matter is more important or its form? If the form is more important then what are its characteristics? If importance is given to subject then what are its uniqueness either its attractiveness, ethical. Faith or political characteristics? How much significance and importance is there in the literary writing? What is the planning behind to achieve its benefit? What are the goals and objectives of a specific literary work? And the outcome is useful or not? Either the language of a literary work is simple and understandable and attractive one or not?. What the environment in which this writing took place? What are its periodical advantages and disadvantages? Either It is of high value or not. Is culture is highlighted in the said work or not? To which school of thoughts it belongs? What are the targets of the writer? Either it covers all the literary requirements or not and other such questions and answers

Sayyed Muhi Ud Din Hashmi, Dr Farkhanda Hayat