Ajmal khattak the Revolutionary Nationalist Poet


The well known Pashtoon Nationalist and towering progressive revolutionary poet, writer, critic, playwright, intellectual, journalist , researcher and politician Ajmal khan khattak (May, 5291 – Feb, 9252 ) born at Akorra khattak district Nowshera. He saw some very painful turns of life, but was always very calm and committed. His contributions for Pashto literature is incredible and authentic. He wrote many books like History of Pashto literature, Da ghairat chagha, Batoor, Gulona takalona, Da wahat Chagha, Gul perher and Da za pagal wom etc. He was a student at GHS Peshawar when he joined the “Quite India Movement” ( 5299 ) and then join Khudaye khidmatgaar Tehreek.By birth he was nationalist therefore alaways promoting his culture, traditions & language. He always want equity and equality for which he follow the revolutionary thoughts, he wants to change the old order of society to bring satisfaction, honour & respect for common man. Actually he was the voice of depressed people. In this article his spirit of nationalism & revolutionary thoughts will be discussed in the light of his bombastic poetry.

Sharifullah khan khattak, Prof.Dr M. Usman Tobawal