Allusions in the poetry of Abdul Qader Khan Khattak


Abdul Qader Khan Khattak was as born in the family which was famous for pen and sword in 01 63 hijri which inherit this quality of pen and sword from their famous warrior and writer father Khushal khan Khattak. At the age of 33 he showed great symbols of bravery and was applauded greatly by his father. In the field of literature he was awarded by his contemporaries. In this field Hadeeqa -e- Khattak ( ) is his famous written work. He was full command on Persian and Arabic. He used Arabic and Persian in his poetry in such way which seems to be the words of Pashto. Due to this quality he is unique among his contemporaries. His verse has the quality of continuity and free of complex thought. His poetry is decorated with figure of speech in which Allusion is to be found frequently in his poetry. In this article allusion quality of Abdul Qader Khan Khattak has been highlighted and which shows that he was well versed in the knowledge of Quran, Tafseer, Hadith and History.

Abdul Hakim Shah Khattak