Investigating Demotivational Factors in English Language Learning: A Study of Pashtoon Female Students in Quetta


English language achieves global language status which motivates many to learn it as a second language. But during learning process, some learners encounter many factors which demotivate them in learning English. This study is an attempt to investigate the factors that demotivate Pashtoon female students in learning English as second language. The present study has been conducted in SardarBahadur Khan Women University focusing on the Pathan female students of English Department who belong to different areas of Baluchistan. All these Pathan female students use Pashto as their first language. Qualitative ethnographic research used in this research and qualitative data has been obtained from 25 Pathan female students. Students were selected through purposive sampling from both English Literature and Language Department. Interviews and short paragraph writing were used to explore both internal and external demotivational factors.Most research in Pakistan have focused on university students and reported about the factors that demotivated male students. To the best of researcher‟s knowledge, no study has investigated demotivation and its effects on female students especially Pashtoon female students‟ learning in Quetta. Therefore, this study focused on Pashtoon female students and attempted to investigate the factors that demotivated them in learning English as a second language.Parents‟ attitude towards learning English, interference of mother tongue, routine household work, lack of female institutes and medium of education emerged as new demotivating factors which were not mentioned by Pathan& Krishnan (2013) in their findings.The findings were noteworthy inproviding information to the appropriate establishment so that efforts can be taken to eliminate the factors that demotivate female students,

Naheed Qasim