The Half Published Firstever Pashto Tafseeri Afzaliya (of Pashto Academy)


Pashto Academy has the distinction to have a numbers of precious and valuable manuscripts. One of these is Tafseer-e- Afzalia by Maulana Rukun Ud Din Khazar Khanavi or Mosa Zai written in 6556-66. This Tafseer has been translated from Persian to Pashto on the request of Nawab Afzal Ud Dula Bahadar Sardar Jang. This tafseer was published due to the efforts of Saeed Khan, grandson of Maulana Rukun Ud Din secretary to the then Chief Minister Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpo and published by Bashir Ahmed Nashiraani Quran limited in 6996 but the date of publication is has not been mentioned. Unfortunately this teafseer has been published without any evaluation, research and analysis. As a result it has a lot of mistakes which as a Muslim we cannot afford. This paper is an attempt to highlight those mistakes and to give suggestions for the correction of those mistakes

Abdul Karim Bryalai