Language Drop a Line to Change the Jargon: A Socio Linguistic Study of Afghani and Pakistani Dialect of Pashto Language


Due to various reasons Afghani’s Pathan migrated to Quetta from Afghanistan. Most of the population of Quetta speaks Pashto, Afghani Pashto speaking migrant all the time in contact with Pakistani Pashto so; they mix Pakistani Pashto with Afghanistan Pashto that makes new variety of Pashto. The objective of the study is to find out the changes in Afghani Pashto language, due to in contact of Pakistani Pashto language. People living in Quetta have adopted words from Pakistani Pashto, Afghani migrates’ new generation who started living where they had many Balochi speakers in the vicinity, have started speaking in Balochi accent , and new generation who are having interaction with Urdu speakers, have influence of Urdu in their accent in spoken Pashto.

Naheed Qasim