The Life, personality and Literary place of Ajmal Khattak


Ajmal Khattak is a well known political and literary figure of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa. He is famous for producing modern Pashto poetry and is rightly called one of the pioneers of modern Pashto poem. He is called Ba Ba-e- Nazam. One of the reasons of his popularity is that he also played a positive role in the field of Journalism. Ajmal Khattak always used to defend the rights of people in his poetry. His political life is a role model for the politically depressed people. His writing is the mirror of his personal life. He has so many good personal qualities to follow. A wide circle of people are impressed not only by his poetry, political struggles but also by his personal life and the same will be a source of inspiration for the coming generation.

Dr Sher Zaman Seemab