In this article an attempt has been made to evaluate the new Pashto Book of Mr. Bashir Ahmad Khan Matta, former diplomat, writer and politician from academic perspective. How the writer of the 02 th century trying to grasp the past glory, problems and prospects of the Pashtuns and trying to present it in the 02 century in reveled style. His style of prose-poetry compels the readers to read the “book for the Pashtun/Afghan nation” carefully to grasp the philosophical ebb and flow of the author’s thoughts. It also pinpointed the geostrategic enigma of the Pashtuns as individual and as nation, as ruler and ruled and how thing tangled in the identity crisis at the cross road of civilization is which pushed them in the dark labyrinth of darkness. The book is in Pashto, the language of the Pashtuns and the author tried his best to present the case of tthe Pashtuns, by the Pashtuns and for the Pashtuns.

Prof. Dr. Fazal ur Rahim Marwat, Dr. Muheeb Wazir