Pashto is an ancient language having a long historical back ground. This language has produced eminent poets like Khushal Khan Khattak and Rahman Baba who have received universal and world wide fame and reputation. No doubt our classical poetry is very rich in form and contents. All of our classical poets have taken inspiration from one and the same source of poetic treasure. This is why there are so many common thoughts, points, similes and poetical beauties in their poetry which one can’t imagine. The basic reason of such similarities is quite clear. The source of their inspiration is common. All the poets were scholars of Persian, Islamic literature and the subjects in vogue at their time. There are so many examples of such similarity but its best xample is the poetry of Baidil Hashtnaghari and Ali Khan. Both of the poets belong to the same area of Hashtnaghar and to the same era. i.e. to . I have tried to point out those verses of them which have common thoughts and which are closely related. I have arranged complete references at the end of the article for authenticity

Dr. Nageena Khanam Nageen, Dr. Farkhanda Liaqat