Literary activities in Malakand have been intact for more than one century. Beside this folklore literature has also his roots in the area. By the end of the last century modern poetry has its profound influence in Malakand. So far a number of creations have been produced by the literary personalities of this area covering all aspects of modern poetry. This has contributed a lot of to the field of Pashto literature. Pashto Ghazal has a long history and in Malakand it has completed a journey of more than one century. Pashto Ghazal has started its journey in the eve of independence movement portraying Pashto Ghazal more colorful. Romanticism, Realism. Mysticism, Nationalism, Rationalism, Folklore and Cultural coolrs have been added to Pashto Ghazal by the literary personalities of this area

Dr Sher Zaman Seemab