Language is considered to be a vital source of expressing our passions, emotions, feelings and ideas. It enables communicate our needs and desires. In this regard mother tongue that is language one [L 1 ] plays the role rather more effectively. The educationists and linguists opine that children may be imparted education in their L 1 as it is very easy for them to perceive the require contents readily. Pashto is one of the oldest languages which is spoken and understood in many countries particularly Pakistan and Afghanistan where it is medium of communication of million of people. The progress of a language is reflective of the progress of its speakers but in case of Pashto it is a sheer failure. The proposition as to why Pashto language is not at par with the developed languages, the causes need to be probed. This article attempts to identify the hindrances that hamper the progress of Pashto language. Further is to discover those ways and means that enable Pashto language to overcome those hindrances and difficulties, and to start progress ahead vitally.

Dr Wazir Shadan