Nationalism is the love for one’s nation and the willingness to defend it. Wars, though it might be harmful, it faster the spirit of unitary among the people. The moment there is a threat to the nation from an enemy, the patriotic and nationalistic feelings of the people are aroused for defending for its own nation. Khushal Khan Khattak was the first man in the history of mankind one who for the first time aroused great feeling of nationalistic fervor among the Pashtuns and tried to unite Pashtun under the one leadership against the successive aggression of great Mughal Empire. Nationalism is one of the noblest virtues. Khushal Khan Khattak was the pioneer who made attempts to eradicate the social problems by interjecting the spirit of nationalism among its nationhood. Nationalism stood in the eyes of Khushal KhanKhattak a tolls for the its nation final way of salvation against its foreign domination. This paper will shed lights through pragmatic and authentic examples that how Khushal Khan Khattak devotes its life to the idea of Nationalism among the Pashtoons first ever.

Qadar Wahid (Samandar Yousafzai)