Morality in the Poetry of Ashraf Khan HijriMorality in the Poetry of Ashraf Khan Hijri


Ashraf Khan Hijri the son of great Khushal Khan Khattak is regarded as a classical poet. He has addad much to Pashto poetry. His contribution to Pashto literature is his only one Deewan. His poetry contains the subjects regarding Love, patriotism, prison, pessimism and morality. In this research article his poetic approach towards morality is discussed. He has written a number of verses on moral values, ethics etc. Like other classical poets he has paid heed to morality in his poetry but up to now this aspect of his poetry was not analyzed. That is why his relevant verses on the subject are brought out and commentary is made for the same. Hope that the readers will get new and fresh information about this dimension of Ashraf Khan Hijri‟s poetry.

Dr Ahmad Ali aajiz