A critical study of Angay in Pashton Belt


Folk lore, an English phenomenon, is also seen among literature around the world. It can be seen in different genres according to the nature and socio-cultural system of the people of a region. Angay, a common genre in Pashtoo Literature, is quite common among Pashton community. It is a type of short poetic piece which is commonly associated with marriage ceremony through which the women express their mournful experience and platonic love at the parentage. However, this lovely way of expression seems to disappear as modern people underpass a sociocultural change. The present study aims to highlight the historical background of Angay, and its impacts on social lives of the people. The study also explores the facts as to why this genre is limited to a few districts of Pashton belt in southern Balochistan. The data was collected in Borey (Lorali), Killa Saifullah, Harnai and Ziarat districts through interviews. The researcher employed qualitative method research to analyze the data. The researcher came with the findings that this genre is fully non-individual and limited to the aforesaid districts. The findings also reveal that modernization, globalization and social changes are the main elements that cause a decline to angay among Pashton tribes

Rehmat Bibi (Arzoo Ziaratwala), Dr. Muhammad Usman Tobawal