Individual and Family Level Causes Affecting Female Dropout from School in Pukhtoon Society


The concept of female dropout form school is one of the major problems in Pakistan. Recent studies show a high dropout especially among female in rural areas. The present study was conducted to find out the individual and family level causes of female dropout from school. Data for the study were collected from 148 sampled parents in three villages from District Lower Dir. The results indicated a high tendency of female dropout from school in the study area. The significance association was found between female dropout and physical disability, poor memory, no motivation, lack of guidance, low literacy level of parents and female education was not a strong priority in family. In the light of the findings of the study it is recommended that government and donors agencies should launch programs which should highlight the importance of female education and should provide counseling facilities to weak and disable students to minimize the rate of dropout

Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Jadoon, Dr. IntikhabAlam