Introduction, analytical Studies of the Da Pakhtu Zhuby Liyer” Wazir Gul Mohmand


Pashto Language especially grammar erectly depends on the book “Da Pukhto Jaby Leyar” written by wazir Muhammad Gul khan Momad consisted of 015 pages and was published in 1391 under the auspices of Abdul Azeem Saprin Lahore. This book is rightly called the first ever complete book on Pashto grammar, had not been produced befit if produced those are either in Persian pursuers English. In thus book all aspects of Pashto grammar have been discussed. This book also possesses a very informative preface which impressed every Pashtun. This book is very valuable as for as research in Pashto grammar is concerned one of the unique of thas book that it contains 1055 Pashto Masdars.

Aziz-u-llah Jabar khil