Evolutionary Process of Pashto Journalism


The history of Pashto Journalism indicates that it has stepped in along with other genres of modern prose. The beginning was meager and some leading individuals have started from the scratches. This paper through light on the different streams erupted from different regions of the Pushtu-Afghan country. Especially the foot prints of Pashto Journalism in the recently titled KPK (Former NWFP), British Balochistan (the Pashtoon belt/Nothern Balochistan), Karachi and Afghanistan. The scholar has traced down the epistemological roots of journalism and then has concluded on a vivid tone. This paper posses the statistical manifestations and frequencies of publications. Peculiar political situations are also taken into consideration. One of the main features of the paper is to pin down patterns in terms of contents, techniques and frequencies of publication.

Hafiz Rehmat Niazi