A Critical Study of Printed Texts of Khair-Ul- Bayan (In the light of established principles of textual criticism


Bayazid Ansari’s Khair-ul-Bayan, written in Arabic, Hindi/Urdu, Farsi and Pashto, is considered to be the first ever book length work in Pashto. University of Tubingen in Germany has its original manuscript. An imprint of this valuable work was published in Kabul while two of its edited versions were published in Pakistan. One of these edited versions was published by Pashto Academy, University of Peshawar and the other was edited by Qalandar Momand. In this article, employing the principles of textual criticism, I studied both these edited versions and compared them with the imprint brought out by the Kabul University. My study shows that, with an excellent Italic and editing quality, the version published by the Pashto Academy is better than the one edited by Qalandar Momand. While the latter carries many alternations, the former too has some parts missing in it which may easily be fixed with little editing.

Key words: Khair-ul-Bayan, Tubingen, textual criticism, Kabul.

Dr. Abdullah Jan Abid