Poetic Relation ship of Landay and Dwabaiti


In a broad sense, Landi and Quatrain are the poetic speeches of folkloric literature which contribute as pacific artistic touch to the speeches.MostofthetimeQuatrainreflectsmasculineemotionsandfeelingswhileLandireflectsfemininefeelings. Landi and Quatrain embody the feelings, sentiments, and demands of the Afghan nation. Landi and Quatrain came into being by people but with the development and progress, the educated poets of our society have also treated well these genres. The great characteristics of Landi and Quartrain are that it is not bound to any specific speakers, age and time. Landi is known by people by different names such as Misra, Tappa, and Tikkai while quartrine has been called anthem or Tarrana. Quatrain has adopted this name through musical beats which have been sung by folkloric singers. As far as it is the property of the people and has been created in the villages, there for eithas maintained these folkloric values. Pashto Landi reflects of thoughts of the Afghans in a Poetic Language. The first verse of Pashto Landi is made up of 9 syllables and the second verse is 13 syllables. Dwabaite is embodying the thoughts of the Afghans and it has either two or four verses.

Lal Pacha Azmoon