Epical Elements in Pashto Tappa


This paper examine special elements in Pashto Tappa. PashtoTappa, auniqueand popular genre of Pashto folk Poetry, or expressive song, composed and sung by men and women alike, has been instrumental in depicting the emotions and expressions of Pashtuns since ages. It has reflected the social, cultural and religious expression of Pashtuns. The traits of velour, honour, and prestige of Pashtuns in times of war and battles against the invaders or outsiders such as, the Mughals, British have been articulated in Tappa. Besides, the elements of love existing in Pashtuns, also articulated in Tappa. Possessingtremendouscreativepossibilities,PashtoTappacanbemanipulated according to myriad situations. A highly-valued verse form, it has been a popular and distinguished way of expressing emotions and feelings in verse. Poetry sung in Tappa, expresses intense emotions with deeper thought and effect. It also reflects the Pashtun code of life, Pashtunwali, and the cultural development associated with the epical elements. Due to these aspects, Pashto Tappa has its own individuality, popularity and importance in Pashto literature.

Noor Muhammad Danish Bettani