Professor Nawaz Tair’s contributions to Pashto free verse


Free verse is called the form of poetry where there is no restriction of rhyme, rhythm etc. The poetry of free verse is also called natural poetry because it is near to natural phenomenon. Prof Muhammad Nawaz Tair is the father of free verse. He is well known and reputed contemporary Pashto poet of free verse. Being a prolific and versatile poet, he has written about diverse subjects in his poetry. Many of his free verse collections were published. The poetry of Prof Muhammad Nawaz Tair reflects the society and using such words in his poetry in order to explain them for common readers understanding. No one can deny the importance and highness of his free verse poetry. The versatility of his poetry make his work more attractive and expressive. He was a fames mystic poet. In short we can say that Prof Muhammad Nawaz Tair is the most matured free verse in this paper it has been tried to narrate the contributions of Prof Nawaz Tair in promotion and support of free verse.

Farzana Ghani