Research and Critical Analysis of Swat Nama


This is certain that Khushal Khan Khattak is a writer of number of voluminous books. He wrote both in prose and verse envisages the whole new trends and genres of his era. According to Major Roverty he is the author of more than 300 books in which 20 books are available. Swat Nama is one of his books which have been composed in verseand verymuchclosed to the modern genre oftravelogue. KhushalKhan Khattak expressed his views in this book which he was observed during his travel to Swat. This book carry all the literary and knowledge based information related to history of Pashtuns, geography, and religious etc. of inhabitants of Swat and political conscious of the then Pashtuns as a whole. Swat Nama in verse can be considered is the first travelogue of Pashto literature. A few writers and intellectuals placed this book in the genre of reportage but by analyzing the contents of the book we can say that the book under discussion is very similar to the modern genre of travelogue. This paper deals with the contents as well as the fixation of genre in Pashto literature and effort has been made that the literary and historical significance may be explained by presenting some reference and evidences.

Javed Iqbal