The tradition of sociological thoughts in Pashto Poetry


Literary work created in a particular society is highly influenced by the social facts of that society that’s why norms, customs, values, ethics and other social and cultural factors of a society are reflected in its literature. Therefore literature is called the mirror of society. Same is the case of Pashto poetry. In each and every period of Pashto poetry we find social facts and thoughts related to social condition of Pashtun society. Amir karor, considered to be the first Pashto poet, has shown a real picture of society in his poems. As such we can trace back the tradition of sociological concepts to the very early period of Pashto poetry. After this, during every period of Pashto poetry, poets paid attention to the social conditions. In early period we can find social thoughts in the poetry of Akbar Zimedawari, Arzani, etc. In classical golden period almost all the poets reflected the society. The poetry of Khushal khankhattak is a great example in this regard. On the other hand Rehman baba was although a ‘sufi, poet but in several poems he also portrayed the living condition of common people. This tradition is continued up till now in Pashto poetry. Apart from this Pashto folk poetry is also co-related with Pashtun society. These all facts have been discussed and tradition and evolution of social thoughts in classical Pashto poetry has been analyzed in this article. Keywords: Pashto Poetry, Society. Social facts, Pashto folk ,Tappa, ancient Poetry Amir Karor, Akber Zimedawari ,Classical Pashto Poetry, Khushal Khan Khattak,Rehman Baba, Hussin Malikpuri, Hamid Bba, Pukhtunwali

Khalil ur Rehman Khalil