Literature of Migration


Besides its matchless richness and perfection, Arabic literature has indelible impacts and influences not only upon the adjacent contemporary nations, but on the far- flung continents, their languages, collective thinking, and literary trends as well. Their presence established centers of learning in Medina ,had been shifting from the peninsula of Hejaz to Damascus, from Persia to the Iberian Peninsula, from Spain to the Ottomans at Constantinople, from Central Asia to South Asia, contributed magnificently in sciences, theology and literature, philosophy and metaphysics .Leaving and brushing aside all the comprehensiveness and perfectionism of the Arabic literature, an attempt has been made to focus upon a specific literary school of thought, Adab Mahjar, or „literature of Émigré‟, produced by Arab-American men of letters during their migration/ stay at and to the United States of America in 91th and 02th centuries. The prominent literary figures affiliated with the school, had a multifaceted literary approach, unique experience amalgamated with Oriental and Occidental knowledge, eagerness of enriching the Arabic prose and poetry with modern thinking and trends, and an unwavering commitment of serving their language. In the same passion and fashion it has been strived to touch upon the literary and scholarly

Said Ul Amin Ahsan Kheshki