Some Omitted Names in the Poetry of Khushal


In the poetry of Khushal khan khattak certain people have been mentioned by names other than their real names. These names have been twisted, reduced and shortened or completely changed. The names that have been twisted and distorted are usually the names of those persons whom Khushal Baba disliked for some reasons, and that is why he has satirized them in his poetry. Similarly the names that have been reduced are mostly those names which Khushal Baba could not use in their full form in his poetry because of the rules and requirements of metrical composition. The third type of names is the ones which Khushal Baba has completely changed and modified. These are usually the names of his off springs, and he named his progeny as such out of excessive emotional attachment. These names make Khushal Baba’s poetry vague and obscure. This paper, therefore, aims at explaining and clarifying the names given to different people in his poetry by tracing their origin and background.

Badshah Room, AliKhel