A Study of Expressional Music in Poetry of GhaniKhan


In modern Pashto poetry Ghani Khan is the figure, who has a special style of poetry, musicians, words and thoughts. He expresses the words of heart concisely and smoothly and this feature has given him a special position in the poetry. Beside the meaningful poetry he has considered the speech music and that have made the poetry more interesting. In this article we tried to study the music of words and explore that Khan’s poetry is strong regarding the music of words. We used explanatory method of research to study, explore and presented different examples of his words. We discussed the words’ music in the poetry of Pashto mordent philosophical poet Ghani Khan’s poetry and presented the different samples of his words. It clarifies that Ghani Khan was a great poet who could use the words on the correct way and had full attention to the music of words. Lyric beauty is covered in the words, the art of the speech, presenting the subject and meaning in colorful words, integration of thoughts and emotions and meaning in the words and music of sounds is the combination.

Abdul Zahir Shahkeeb, Sher Zaman Seemab