Validity of Hadi ths from Sehah-e-Setha written in Dastar Nama


Khushal khan Khattak is the shining star of Pashto literature. He is still regarded asthefountainofPashtoliteratureeventodayin20thcentury. Hisauthenticitywillbe forever and time and tide will not wash it away. To awake the Pashtoon, He adopted poetry and prose for the said purpose and wrote on every walk of life and left Un-turn stone effect on life. Dastar Nama is one of the immortal prose works of these. He wrote this book in 1076 hijri when he was in jail in fort of Ranthambore and was passing the life of imprisonment on the order of Mughal king Aurangzeb Alamgeer. This book has great importance from thinking and literature point of view. The point of national awareness is the prominent feature of this book. This book is structurally and subjectively is the new invention Pashto literature. In order to make this book eloquent and rhetoric. He has taken Quranic verses, Hadiths, proverb from Arabic and Persian, Persian verses and authenticity of different sources. Due to all these qualities this book is matchless. In this Paper these hadiths has been validated which has their existence Sehah-e-Setha.

Abdul Hakim Shah