Saur Revolution/Coupd’etet and its impacts on Pashtun Society


The scintillation which took place in Afghanistan on 28th April, 1978. That has been named by some segments of society as Saur Revolution and others depict it only as Saur takeover. Both internal and externally multifarious contradictory views have come into the limelight after the revolution. However, the revolutionists or devotees of revolution have declared it the wistful aspiration of the masses; but the opposition proclaims it the takeover or Coupd’etet of some military Generals. In a net shell, this change has brought multifaceted miseries, displacements and migration, mass level killings of innocent civilians, destruction of the institutions of the state and the obliteration of the scholastic and literary sources and spaces. This paper unveils the causes and effects of the revolution. The research paper constructs its argument in light of diverse perspectives including Politicians, Experts, Ulema, Historians and those who were directly or indirectly the part of the uprising.

Prof. Dr. Nasrullah Wazir