Ghaffar Khan’s Alliance with Congress: Implication on his politics as a claimant of Former NWFP


This research article is a study on Ghaffar Khan‟s affiliation with Congress and its implication on his political fate. It is studied whether the decision of Ghaffar Khan to align with Congress let him down as the Congress could not come up to Ghaffar Khan‟s aspirations. Khan never expected that Congress could accept such plans like partition plan but it happened. Khan was shocked as it was proved to be a serious blow to his mission and politics. Due to Congress decision Khan could not get his indented goals even in the province where he was much more popular than All India Muslim League and League took NWFP as part of Pakistan through Referendum which Khan and his Party boycotted. So Ghaffar Khan‟s Alliance with Congress led Ghaffar Khan to an unpleasant logical conclusion as claimants of NWFP.

Abdul Sattar, Dr. Hanif Khalil