The Patterns of Waziri Dialect


In this article the writer strives to unpack such unique characteristics of Waziri dialect of Pashto language which has not yet been explored by the researchers or linguists. In addition most of the linguists considered Dawari, Banosi, Paktiaye, Wardaki and Gorbzi quite separate dialects as Waziri which are actually branches of Waziri. It is worth mentioning that although some of the linguists accept the afore said dialects parallel to Waziri dialect yet the writer proved them as branches of Waziri dialect by giving valid arguments. The writer compares assorted aspects of these dialects to Waziri dialect and eventually proved similarities found in them such as in accent etc. On the basis of which writers is sure that the Waziri dialect is the mother of these dialects

Prof Dr. Nasurullah Jan Wazir