The commonalities in the thoughts and diction of Tagore and Ghani Khan


Noble Prize laureate poet Rabindra Nath Tagore established an educational institute namely Santi Niketen in Calcutta India. Renowned Pashto poet Ghani Khan also studied journalism in this institute. In the mean time he got admission also in the school of Art at Santi Niketen, Where he learnt painting and the skill of statues making and sculpturers. He was very much inspired and moved by impressive educational environment and ideal discipline of Santi Niketen Ghani Khan was a great lover of Tagore thoughts and philosophy.There are several similitudes of style and thoughts in the poetry of both the great poets Tagore and Ghani Khan. Both of them believe in a lover-Beloved relation ship between Almighty and the human being. Both of them directly address and conversate God and call him as friend with love. As such a unique concept of God is found in their poetry which is based upon emotional love. It is very interesting that both of the great poets have to great extened similar feelings, spiritual experiences and an affectionate behavior towards God inspite of differences of language,culture and religion. In this article the poetry of both the poets have been compared with special reference to their concept of God and cordial love for him as well as other similar aspects.

Dr. Ismail Gohar