Personal suffixes follow verbal stems. In this research paper, Pashto personal suffixes are studied with reference to the varieties of Baniswola (Ba.), Wazirwola (Wa.), Khatakwola (Kh.) and Marwatwala (Ma.). These suffixes are bound morphemes and cannot maintain their existence alone. The question to be answered is whether or not these suffixes are different from Marwatwala (Ma.) and Peshawari variety (PP). Are these differences the result of phonological or morphological developments? This paper sheds light on such questions and their answers. Data were collected for some Karlanri varieties, i.e. Baniswola (Ba.), Wazirwola (Wa.), Khattakwola (Kh.) of the districts Bannu, Karak and FR Bannu. A Non-karlanri variety, Marwatwala (Ma.), has been kept under consideration for the purpose of comparison because this variety is spoken in the same region.

Yousaf Khan Jazab