Kakaji’s Contribution to Pashtun Society


This paper explores the significant contributions of Kaka JI Sonobar hussain in Pashtun society. The Pashtun society knows Kakaji Sanobar Hussain as a stalwart celebrity of the 20th Century. But this is certain that the social and reformist activities crossed the boundaries of Pashtun society and thus through his everlasting and universal contribution, he had made his name as a humanist and international personality. Kakaji contributed a lot to Pashtun society in the field of journalism, literature and politics. Apart from this he was a practical freedom fighter against the British imperialism. If we put a glance on his life and struggle, we will admit and admire that he was a poet, an activist, an out spoken person and politician. This paper throws light on his life and services in Pashtun Society.

Dr. Hanif Khalil
Sofia Saleem