Critical analysis of violence in pashtoon society


The statement that, ―Pashtun constitute the largest segmentary tribal system in the world‖ has been validated by various anthropologists in the wake of 70 years work on the subject. It is the code of Pashtunwali that governs the daily life of an ordinary Pashtun living in the villages or roaming for sustenance as gypsies. Up to some extent, it also implies to the lives of newly settled Pashtuns in the metropolitan cities and towns. Like other tribal and patriarchal societies, the cultural construction of Pashtunwali also inherits practices and norms that legitimize violence in specific circumstances as a phenomenon widely accepted at social level. This paper tends to probe the question of cultural acceptance of violence in the socio-cultural and indigenous tradition of Pashtunwali. The paper constructs its theory and conclusion on the basis of empirical data collected from the five districts mentioned in the details. The paper elaborates the cause and effect relationship of the occurrences of violence and its restraints, especially on the social groups like women, children and social minorities.

Dr. Barkat Shah Kakar