Kashmir, the fairy land, Heaven on earth, has a long history of different dynastical rules. It has been ruled by Hindus, Buddhs, and Muslims dynasties. Every dynasty has its own culture, which represents the identity of that dynasty. Culture is a way of living of the people of any community. The culture of Afghans and Kashmir is based on pure Islamic values. The present study is an attempt to explore the cultural impact of Afghan rule over Kashmir during 1752 to 1819. History revealed that during this period some cultural changes took place in Kashmiri society. Social Composition of Afghan Society, Women’s Position, Early Marriages, Food and Drinks, Leisure activities (Sports/games), Issuance of the coin of Kashmiri saint, Theatres, Dramas and Music directly or indirectly influenced the Kashmiri culture. Kashmir was the land of peace and harmony, which accepted the different cultural changes with open hearts. This research is based on information obtained from secondary sources

Amar Jahangir, Dr. Mirwais Kasi, Dr Muhammad Alam