“Fate gives nothing to the sleeping ones”
Khahori of Shah Latif – The symbol of untiring struggle


According to the topic and subject matter, Shah Latif has described Sur Khahori, the life of such wondering men who plod through plains, deserts, and mountains to earn their simple food “Duth”. Keeping his tradition of poetic depiction, Shah Latif has mentioned the characters, places and other things. He has made use of metaphors to explain spiritual meanings. The success of Shah’s poetry lies in the fact that both the worldly and the spiritual meaning are clearly and beautifully understandable. Surely, the Sur “Khahori” is apparently an allegorical one, Outwordly their is the description of wondering accumulators of Duth (the simple food/ fruit/Grain) and their difficulties, trails and tribulations, but actually it is the narration of their struggle, the lovers who are out in search of their beloved “Allah” almighty. They pass through hardships and tests and at last achieve their goal. The Sur “Khahori” of Shah Latif is full of implied meaning and moral lessons. The special message of this chapter is for a human being to show ignorance and lethargy and to make untiring efforts and to continue struggle to achieve his goal of life. This will win God’s will to help him and open channels for his success. This message of Shah Latif is applicable to all places, nations, times and the purpose of human life and living. This is why Shah Latif has said, “God does not lend gifts to the sleeping ones.” As the Khahories (Seekers) seek and find their “Duth” from rocks and mountains, Shah Latif says that hills do not give sustenance to the sleeping persons. These gifts are meant for those who try hard to find and seak.

Dr. Ume Kalsoom Shah