Intelligence qualities of Shah Latif and his characters


Modern psychology proves that there is more intelligence in human being that represents the different qualities in him. He who doesn’t have good IQ doesn’t mean that the person is dull. The global era is much more conflicted and excited. Man is indulged in stupid competition and becomes routinized person this is crisis of identity. Person has lost his spirit, therefore person has much more need of EQ (Emotional intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual intelligence) and also he should have awareness about PQ (Physical intelligence). Then and there we would know the meaning of life.
History of Sindhi literature shows many characters which have their own ups and downs. Shah was a major character. He introduces many stories of territory of Sindh which are symbols and Signs of wisdom, intelligence, tact, struggle and other mystical approaches. My researches area is connected to other subjects. It has landscape area. Absolute literature is nothing. Writer and academic reader must know about other subjects like natural science, normative science, and social science. So this research paper is connected with socio psychology and the inner power of man.

Dr. Ghafoor Memon